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» (Regd. under W.B. Act XXVI of 1961 / Registration No. S/1L/31580 of 2005-2006)

» Registered Office :
344/6/3, L.N. Road, Dum Dum Cantonment, kolkata-700065

» Priorities to create awareness among poor & illiterate women & children, about health, hygine and legal security like child marriage, dowry etc.


Upcoming event : 5th October 2018, Friday in Minarva theatre, Dumdum Raktakarabi presents, the drama - Sharp at 6 p.m." Blue Horse" directed by Bodhisatya Mazumdar



The society was established way back in 1995 after Smt. KARABI MAJUMDER visited to a blood donation camp in her locality, which graced by Mother Teresa. Her compassionate speech was encouragement enough for Smt. Majumder to start a welfare society along with the support of her husband Mr. PRIYABANDHU MAJUMDER and few other dedicated souls. Since people who are dedicated to the world of fine arts dominate the governing body of the society, the society envisioned to redeem the poor masses of their crisis by generating funds through their cultural efforts and utilizing the same for the benefit of the distresses population. Thus, an organization with zeal to hold a welfare services for the needy masses was formed and going strong till date.

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Our great achievement : Mother Teresa with Smt. Karabi Majumder

Our objects :
  1. To open charitable dispensaries, blood donation center/camp for benefit of the society.
  2. To do all such acts, deeds, matters and things as may be deemed incidental or conclusive to the foregoing objects.
  3. To study, cultivate and demonstrate the art of recitation, dance and music.
  4. To established, start, run maintain or manage free coaching for physically handicapped and the students, for benefit of poor public of the society.
  5. To arranged and organize lectures, debates, discussions, seminars and excursions for the diffusion of knowledge.
  6. To promote and encourage advancement of literary, cultural religious, scientific and technical education.
  7. To help the needy students of all communities for prosecution of studies.
  8. To help poor people in marriage and the aged, sick, help less and indigent person.
  9. To help the members in their physical culture through traveling, trekking and climbing etc.
To improve the welfare of the people and to achieve quality of live, this will promote a genuine sense of integration, harmony and international good will.

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